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About Ubon Ratchathani

Spotlight on Ubon Ratchathani University
     Situated on the Mekong River Basin, Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) is a state-run university that has been enhancing it studies programs to serve the need for critical reflection and action in the wake of rapid regional development.

     Over the years, the Faculty of Liberal Arts of UBU has grown stronger, paying special attention to the trends and patterns of transformation in Thailand. Similarly, the Mekong Sub-regional Social Research Center (MSSRC) was established as a venue to facilitate research and collaboration with other institutions involved in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. The MSSRC aims to bring about better understanding on the changing social, economic, ecological, and political landscape.

     In an attempt to build a stronger ‘Mekong spirit’ and awareness, UBU also offers undergraduate language courses in Lao, Khmer, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

     In 2004, UBU opened a Master Degree Program in Social Sciences, with majors in: Mekong Regional Studies, Health Social Sciences, Resources and Environmental Social Sciences, and Social Development. Through this program, it is hoped that UBU students and teachers will continue to make positive contributions to Thai societies and peoples throughout the Mekong.

Accommodation Choice
     1. U-place of Ubon Ratchathani University. http://www.u-placeubon.com/index.php/en/
     2. Lai Thong Hotel http://www.laithonghotel.com *
     3. Ubonburi Resort Hotel http://www.ubonburihotel.com
     4. Sri-Isan http://www.sriisanhotel.com
     5. Toh Sang http://www.tohsang.com

Travel Guide
     Visit Southern Laos http://www.lonelyplanet.com/laos/southern-laos

     * We will prepare local transportation from Lai Thong Hotel to the conference venue for 2 times in the morning and 2 times back in the evening.


 Contact person: Ms.Kitiya, Dr. Pinwadee
Mekong Subregion Social Research Center [MSSRC]
  Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University
  Satholamark Rd, Maungsikai subdistrict, Warinchamrap,
  Ubon Ratchathani province THAILAND 34190
  Tel (+66)45 353706, (+66)45 353725
  Fax (+66)45 288870
  email: mekongcentre@gmail.com, mssrc_ubu@yahoo.com